This acknowledgment to Buyer is required and he/she must agree the sales policy and Terms & conditions given in the agreement. A client will be deemed to have accepted the general conditions of sale at the time of placing the order.



1. 50% Advance on order booking and 100% advance on ready stock is compulsory. All the balance payment must be made before the delivery of the order. If the payment is through cheque Delivery of order will be made after the clearance of cheque.
2. If the delivery and fitting charges are not mentioned or agreed in quotation or sales, it is understood that prices are Ex-factory Lahore.
3. Addition products ordered will have separate fitting and
Delivery charges.
4. Site visit, Layout planning, designing, expert advice, drawings and documentation are subject to charges agreed with customer. If the buyer places the order then the charges will be adjusted and credit to payment. Charges are non-refundable if the client does not place the order within the validity of quotation.
5. The buyer is not permitted to postpone or withhold payment if the product or any part/component of any product is not delivered on said time. However the product will be delivered as soon as it is available in stock. It will be notified to the customer if the product is discontinued, changed or unavailable.
6. The prices after sales receipt will be full and final. No discount or any change in prices shall be entertained.



If GST is not mentioned in the sales receipt or quotation, it is understood that it is not included in price. If GST is mentioned then it will be charged as per govt. rules and regulations of the current tax year.



1. The order must be received by the buyer within 30 days after its completion. Otherwise company is not responsible for the damage or loss of products.
2. 5% demurrage charges will be taken per week on the total Amount of order if the buyer failed to pick up the order within 30 days after its completion.
The company reserves the rights to dispose of the goods if the customer fails to take the delivery within three months. The time will start after the delivery date. Any amount paid for the goods will not be refunded at any case.



The delivery time will start after the confirmation and clarifications of sizes, quantity, design, materials and finishes. It does not start with the date of advance payment. The ordered goods are delivered as entire. The ordered goods can be delivered by parts if the sufficient payment more than its value is made by the customer. Delivery dates are submitted without liability for delay however occasioned. The Company will in no case, be liable for any compensation / damage / refund of advance etc. for any deliveries which are made beyond the delivery date and time (delivery date and time does not include installation date and time).



1. The products are packed in cartons with strict quality control and cannot be shown in factory, showroom or before delivery. All complaints regarding incomplete delivery, defective goods inside packing or incorrect goods must be reported to delivery department within 4 days after delivery.
2. The delivery challan shall be signed by the customer mentioned that the goods completely received and in perfect condition. Any complain after the signature regarding damage, incorrect or incomplete delivery shall not be entertained in any case. Damages will be charged to the customer in case of repair or replacement.
3. Customer will be solely responsible if Any product damaged, lost or stolen at customer’s premises or site.



The buyer must ensure that the civil, renovation and finishing work of site is completed and in perfect condition for fitting job and setting. If the buyer insists while the civil, renovation or finishing work is incomplete or in progress, the buyer will be solely responsible for any damage caused to the products. Damages will be charged to the customer in case of repair or replacement. The company can refuse installation or take no responsibility of damage if the site condition or environment is not recommended by the company.



1. Edwags warrants to you 1 year Standard warranty period, the original purchaser, that our product and all of its parts and components are free of defects in material and workmanship. “Defects”, as used in this warranty, are defined imperfections that impair the use of the product. This warranty covers manufacturing defects, but is null and void if the defects arise from abuse or misuse of the product.
2. The products are not intended for outdoor use. The product must not to be used for standing upon, nor must the weight.
3. Loading capacity be exceeded. Any damage to components due to abuse or misuse will invalidate the warranty.
4. Edwags will not be responsible for any damage of item caused due to extreme humidity, temperature, and water or fire exposure. In case of natural wood and veneers the company will not be responsible in variation regarding, texture, grains or polish shades to genuine or natural attributes of wood. If there is any dispute regarding this issue the company will be the sole judge.



1. Warranty is limited to maximum 120 kg weight limit (for chairs only) Any Damage cause by Standing or sitting on any of Edwags table or desk will void the warranty. The warranty is limited to replacement of repair and does not cover cost of transportation and labor. There are no other warranties expressed or implied other than those specifically described. Edwags shall NOT be liable for consequential or incidental damage arising from any product defect.
2. The buyer will ensure both the pre-installation and post-installation termite proofing on the site. Any defect is caused due to termite or any other insect of like nature to the product(s) of Edwags. Company shall not be liable for any claim of the buyer, whatsoever the case may be.



1. The purchaser’s own fabric or other parts/material.
2. Defects caused by improper assembly or disassembly.
3. Defects occurring after purchase due to product modification, intentional damage, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence.
4. or exposure to the elements;
5. Damage caused by a carrier or transportation of the product from one location to another.



1. The refund or exchange request must be made within 7 days of product receipt.
2. All returned items must be in new/original condition. Customization items in design, color or in parts are not returnable and refundable in any case. Only ready stock items in our standard color range can be returned or refunded.
3. Edwags will have no warranty obligation if the product is subjected to abuse, alteration, misuse, negligence or accident.
4. A copy of the Proof of computer generated Invoice, Receipt or reference number must be provided with the returned product.



Any overcharging due to mistake will be refunded to the extent of amount which is charged in excess inadvertently. Similarly any undercharging will be payable in addition to other charges.



Specifications, designs, sizes etc. of our standard products are subject to change without notice.